Increasing Your Company’s Market Value Through Training

Modern business models increasingly seem to favor rapid staff replacement and employee turnover over investing in skill development of its existing personnel. In an effort to reduce costs and direct profits into other areas, many businesses ignore the value brought to the company by retaining and retraining their existing employee base. But, let’s look at some facts.

No new hire will ever understand the company as well as an employee promoted from within. Rather than just training a new skill set, a new hire must also be trained in an organizations social and structural norms. They must learn how the company differentiates itself from other organizations, what makes them better than the competition. A worker already entrenched within the company has a better chance of utilizing these skills synergistically to increase the value of their work, and the firm as a whole.

Another challenge is that most businesses do not have the resources or space available to offer comprehensive cross-training to their employees. When a new position is needed, they hire from an external pool of candidates. But there are other options. Companies short on space can opt to rent a class room to host their training. Skill trainers are available and many are looking for work. Equipment for training seminars (projectors, computers, and audio / video equipment) can also be rented or leased, both for the short and long term. In fact, some companies that offer training room rentals already offer many of these options.

Business survival in today’s market means growth and scale. Creating a sense of mutual respect and growth within a work force can result in higher productivity, increased employee investment, and a stronger more lasting grasp on the market. Consumers and clients react well to the familiar. They respond well to those that are comfortable and prepared, not those that are still attempting to get used to a position or company. Creating a sense of unified work-flow and process is key to demonstrating excellence in every aspect of a company’s marketable reputation. By promoting and training from within, a business can achieve a greater return on its investments and a higher level of investment from its employees.

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